Posted by: David Vernon | October 24, 2008

Friday Wraps

Central Illinois Choices¶I’ve been rude and insensitive when it comes to keeping up to speed with the Peoria Camera Club and its busy fall schedule. I’m like one of the worst members ever – my schedule is complex (he says as he posts at a few minutes before midnight) – and I make like one meeting a year (going for two this calendar year – fingers crossed). But there’s a lot going on that’s worth mentioning.

¶I got my 2008-09 Member’s Book in the mail the other day – they did a good job as usual. Right there on page 24 was the news I always look for first – the Annual Photography Seminar – held this membership year on March 21, 2009 at Illinois Central College from 9am to 4pm. The presenter this year is Jim Zuckerman, who has cut his teeth on photography around the world for a heck of a lot of year. His bio is here. These seminars are always great – so here’s hoping I’m not working next March 21… at least until 4pm.

¶Let’s keep this going. The 18th Peoria Camera Club Photography Workshop will be held on November 15 from 9am to 4pm at the Proctor Professional Building (5409 N. Knoxville Ave.). The idea is “to bring your camera and capture your own images with their still life and studio setups in a friendly, learning environment.” Attendance is limited to 35. If you want more information, leave a comment and I can pass on contact information to you.

¶The Club also needs your input for a possible 2009 field workshop with Hank Erdmann. Hank is a well known Midwest nature photographer and will be the speaker at the Nov. 18 meeting this year. The workshops would be open to all members and all skill levels, with two dates being proposed (one on a Friday, one on a Saturday), with an eight-student limit each. The cost of the workshop would not exceed $125. Tom Romanowski (email: troman47 (at) ix (dot) netcom (dot) com) would love to hear from you if you’re interested – and he’d love to hear what you’d like to see in such a workshop. Reach out …

¶The next regular meeting of the club is November 4 – when Steve Daggs presents on Sports Photography. You can always take a peek at the General Meeting Schedule for 2008-09.


  1. Can non-members attend the March 21 workshop?

  2. Cheryl – Absolutely. Here’s how it’s worked in past years. The fee to attend is $35 for PCC members and $50 for non-members. Amazingly, the cost to become a PCC member is: $15. You can do the math – but you’ll pay $50 to go either way and one of the ways makes you a member.

  3. I was thinking about going to the workshop as well as, some upcoming meetings. Definitely the Dec 2 meeting since I sent in a few submissions to the Urban Landscape competition. Hidden Gems of the Midwest sounds interesting as well. Oh, and Ann will be the speaker at one of them, so, I’ll probably go to that one too.

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