Posted by: David Vernon | October 23, 2008

David Zalaznik Book Signing

The Tree 43David Zalaznik, the outstanding Peoria Journal Star photographer, is having a book signing for his – wait for it – new book, “Life Along the Illinois River”. Zalaznik was one of the participating photographers in the Peoria Art Guild‘s “Illinois River Stories” exhibit back in 2006. His photos of life on the Illinois were simply mezmerizing and I thought the hit of the show (in what was really a very good show). 

The signing will be at the Peoria Art Guild, on Friday, Nov. 7, 2008 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

The book itself is described as a “gracious portrait of a river that unites humanity and nature, and it offers a new vision of the Illinois River’s vitality and its role in our lives.” It weighs in at 128 pages with 90 color plates and will be available for purchase at the signing for $34.95.

Congratulations David – looking forward to getting my copy.


  1. […] – Friday – is David Zalaznik’s book signing at the Peoria Art Guild. We wrote about that a few weeks ago. We’re not going to write about it again. You should know who we are. If you don’t, […]

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