Posted by: David Vernon | October 6, 2008

Oddball Week Upcoming

Banner Marsh Stars 2The fall classes at the Peoria Art Guild are starting next week so pretty soon this blog is going to go a little more mainstream – a little more public. As these things often go – the week before such a thing has your author on the road for five days. We’ll do what we can though – I certainly don’t want to have to power through 300 blogs when I get back.

While I also don’t generally talk about the photos that appear on this blog, I have to give a shout out to a little trip I took last Friday night. Banner Marsh, which sits on the Peoria and Fulton County border, draws me in for photos every once in awhile. Still, it had been years since I’d wandered out there. When I got the opportunity to go even more back country last week – I jumped on it. I spent about seven hours out there on Friday and it was beautiful. The star trails shot seen here was my last shot of the night – a 28-minute exposure, but the golden hour and sunset shots were equally wonderful to me. If you get a chance – and you haven’t been in awhile – well think about getting back out there.

As it’s an oddball week, I’m going to start today simply by posting two (potentially) useful links. Both will teach you something – one in an enjoyable and humorous way – the other in a cause-you-a-bit-of-a-headache but good to know way. Let’s end on a positive note and start with the test:

Test your color acuity – I tried this a while back and scored a ‘7’. The lower the score the better. You need a few minutes of peaceful quiet reflectivity to get this right – and when you’re done – you’re going to be ready for a break – but it’s a very interesting take on your understanding of the subtleties of color.

Now – learn something completely different – let one of our favorites – Joe McNally – show you how to hold a camera – I mean REALLY hold a camera. In fact, while you’re over at You Tube – check out the entire Joe McNally channel – lots of good info.



  1. That color thing is fun, but really hard!! I scored a 4 and was shocked because they all started to look the same the longer I stared at the screen. Very fun though!

    Also, I love the Banner Marsh photo. Now I can’t wait to A.) check out Banner Marsh B.) Take some long expsosure.

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