Posted by: David Vernon | October 1, 2008

Stopped Me In My Tracks

Another MBB AbstractI was off reading Vincent LaForet’s blog again today. Vincent didn’t even have a blog until the middle of this year and all the sudden he’s one of my favorite reads. He just fires off these little gems. Today found him talking about acclaimed photojournalist James Nachtwey.

Nachtwey is about to premier a set of work sponsored by TED. It hits the air – and other resources on October 3. But what really got me was a paragraph Vincent wrote about Nachtwey. Check out the last sentence – it’s what stopped me in my tracks today.

“On a personal note, James has always been one of my favorite photographers and an amazing person to get to know. I met him just days after 9/11/01 in Quetta, Pakistan… I was stunned when he recognized my name as we were introduced (he read(s) The New York Times and likely recognized the byline from seeing it in the paper) but even more impressed with how humble and focused he was and still is. One of my favorite quotes from him – which is a quote that is pulled from a portfolio review that he was giving years ago to someone else – (after looking through that person’s portfolio quietly page by page, closing the book and making a single comment before concluding the review right then and there and moving onto the next student, is: ”I’m afraid that these pictures don’t tell me anything about who you are.”

Okay – that stopped me short. What are my pictures telling other people about me? What if they aren’t? I’ll be back tomorrow after a little more self-examination.

So what are your pictures telling people about YOU?

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