Posted by: David Vernon | September 30, 2008

RAW vs JPEG – Take a Look

Just a TreeFall classes are starting up soon at the Peoria Art Guild. One of the stated purposes of this blog is to be a resource tool for those students taking photography classes so to that end I’m going to start publishing more frequent educational postings – either originally written to address a specific topic from class – or on a basic and important topic covered on another blog.

The primary class I’m teaching this fall is kind of an Intro to Digital Photography aimed at people with SLRs. The topic then of shooting in RAW or JPEG is something most of these folks are going to have to face. Most will have come from the Point-and Shoot (or SLR film) world. Some will have already been shooting with their SLRs in JPEG mode. And a few will have moved on to RAW.

Graeme Smith over at has released a three-part article on the RAW vs. JPEG debate. It’s a good starting point to understanding the key differences and choices between the two digital formats.

Part I introduces the basics of the two formats. Part II gives you the pros and cons to help you choose. Finally, Part III helps you make some post-processing choices if you go RAW.

I shot JPEG for about the first 15 months of my digital SLR ownership. After that I switched over to RAW and I’ve never looked back. One other major advantage of shooting RAW right now is that almost all software post-processing engines have very capable RAW processors built in, making it easy to take advantage of RAW.

The articles give you a good look and explain things well – so if you have questions – take a look.

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