Posted by: David Vernon | September 29, 2008

Words of Wisdom are everywhere

The Tree 47One of the things this blog tries to do is point you to people who know what they’re talking about. These are people I trust saying words I trust – and believe myself. I just think when you hear it from the titans of photography, then YOU might believe it more. And when the titans themselves come out and say, “You know what – we’re not that great either – or we screw up too – or we’re trying to make things click just as much as you are” – well then you start to think that even thought the last 50 things I shot were crap – well – my best shots are just around the corner. And they usually are…

So here’s a couple nuggets from the blogroll from last week – just aching to get out. First we get Chase Jarvis talking about sticking to your own vision:

“Finally, is the idea I love the most: try to speak to everyone, and you’ll speak to no one. This is part of being a creative professional that has always intrigued me. And really, who am I trying to impress? What I need to put out there is work that is stunning and relevant mostly to me. That’s when the best, the most moving work is done… Again, try to please everyone, and you’ll please no one. Instead, come with your own vision, a tight vision, and you’ll likely connect with those with whom you were meant to connect.”

And then there’s my main man Joe McNally. If I have to pick a favorite – it’s always gonna be McNally. Even if he’s just telling a story, you get sucked in and then smacked awake at the end:

“We are out there, in the air, in the world. We don’t go to a cubicle farm everyday and stair at dismaying numbers on a screen. We make pictures. At the end of the day, we create something potentially significant that did not exist at the beginning of the day. We go forward, despite the uncertainty. Because this is an act of love and passion, which defies reason and prudence.

And we make that occasional good frame, the one that sings, the one that lifts our hearts and the hearts of everyone who sees it. That well and truly is as good as it gets.”

Now as a guy who currently sits in a cubicle farm and sometimes stairs at dismaying numbers on a screen (but didn’t always), you can see why McNally makes me stand up and take notice. There’s something wonderful about defying reason and prudence.

Hey – just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you can’t go out and kick a little butt. Have a great week and be inspired.

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