Posted by: David Vernon | September 11, 2008

Another day, another moment observed

Matthiessen Wishing WellTwo days in a row. Two days in a row of finding gems that send chills up my back when I read them. Yesterday was McNally. Today is David Alan Harvey. The Magnum photojournalist told a story that will take no more then five minutes to read and he really got to the heart of the photographic journey. Here’s a couple quotes, but if you make pictures and tell stories, do yourself a favor and just go read the whole thing.

“So many topics get discussed here, that it sometimes makes my head spin…but, it all pretty much centers on “the photographic life” and how we can all best “live it”…yes, the photographs themselves are indeed our final “net worth”, yet getting to these photographs , this incomparable journey, is an entity in and of itself…

this is not exactly “news”…but, i never cease to be inspired by this simple simple fact that this journey is unending and leads us down paths we would never go down without our cameras in hand….seeing something, being a part of something “for the very first time”, just gets me BUZZING in way that unfortunately i cannot really put into words…”

And yet he does put it into words. He concludes:

“Now THAT is what photography is all about….” to be so so INSIDE and to bear witness to something that you would NEVER have seen otherwise..

ENERGY comes from these moments….our “raison d’ete”…all of the other “stuff” that we all have to put up with in our often frustrating craft , totally disappears when we slide into the warm arms of real discovery and enlightenment….”

Oh man is that ever true. THAT is what I crave. That’s what I wake up thinking about and what I go to bed thinking about. Photographic moments are like crack – once it works for you you want it to work for you again as soon as possible. And you can’t always make it work for you – sometimes it just has to happen. And you have to be open and receptive to those moments. Harvey pointed out he didn’t have time to go to this thing he went to – and yet he did – and magic happened.

Don’t piss off your spouse/significant other/whatever too often, but do whatever you can to always find the moment.

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