Posted by: David Vernon | September 10, 2008

Truer Words

Tremont Grain Co-Op SunriseThe man, the legend, the numnutz himself – Joe McNally – writing on his own blog today had this absolutely true gem:

I’ve shot a lot more bad pictures than I’ll ever shoot good ones. I’m quite comfortable admitting this. I have always been compelled by my time behind the camera, my love of actually shooting, no matter if I win, lose, or draw. And boy do I lose a bunch of the time. Every shooter does. The ones who tell you they are always knockin’ on heaven’s door when they take a camera in hand are bullshittin’ ya blind.

We all shoot bad stuff, good stuff, in between stuff. It’s the stuff of the photographic life. Failure is part of it. No shame there. If we knock it back all the time, or feel like we do so, then we’re not trying. As I always say, if the feeling of been there, done that, nothin’ new here, I’ve seen it all, let’s move along overtakes us, then its time to hang the cameras up.

So if you think you shoot a lot of crap – well you do. But so does everyone else. We’ll revisit this topic a few times in the years ahead cause it never changes – no matter how good you get.

And keep reading Joe’s blog – it’s as entertaining as any photo blog out there. Well – except this one.


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  2. Ah, yes. Lot’s of crap I shoot. But, it is a good reminder that everyone, evern the most stunning professional, do too. We only get to see the very best of their work. Maybe I should only show the VERY best of my work, but somedays even that might look like crap.

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