Posted by: David Vernon | September 9, 2008

The LensPen Rocketh

Tremont Grain Co-Op RainingI bought a Lens Pen a few weeks ago but I hadn’t used it until this morning. Wait. What’s a lens pen you ask? The simple answer to that is it’s a miracle worker – and for less then $20. If you’re anything like me, leaving oily fingerprints on your lens is not a challenge – it’s a way of life. Or – like this photo to the left – you went out playing in the rain yesterday and got a few raindrops on the business end of your glass (and then put fingerprints on it – but I digress). You then had to dig out the Kodak lens cleaning paper and fluid, and a couple sheets later your lens (or more then likely the filter on the end of your lens) was pretty much as good as new. Except I ran out of paper in June. And where did I put the lens cleaner fluid? I’ll just use my shirt. No – bad idea. Well folks – the lens pen is the answer. It really is. Aptly named because it’s pen-sized and works on your lens, this device generally has a brush on one end and the miracle cleaning head on the other end. And quite simply it works. Wonders. And now I don’t need to go buy more paper when I fingerprint my lens. Wait – where’d I put that pen?


  1. […] infamous sensor cleaning. Do not be frightened. We touched on cleaning your lens with a lens pen many weeks ago. This is still the best way in my opinion to clean the glass at both ends of your lens. The older […]

  2. […] Some time back, we did some articles on cleaning your camera. They can be found here, here,¬†and here. But mighty Moose Peterson has taken it a step further – he’s got four articles on this […]

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