Posted by: David Vernon | September 4, 2008

Mpix Finally Comes Through Again

Above the Upper DellsI’ve been a user of Mpix for a number of years now (according to my Mpix history I have made 116 orders since October of 2005) and have always been 99.9% satisfied with them. As far as online printers go – they’ve never given me any reason to look elsewhere. They always ship within 24 hours of receipt of my images, and for an absolutely fair price – especially when it comes to shipping – I can have my images in-hand sometimes within 36 hours of uploading. In fact other reputable bloggers have written good things about them so I’m not their only fan.

But one think always irked me just a little bit. Mpix offers three kinds of papers – a standard matte finish, a true black & white paper, and the lovely Kodak Endura Metallic paper. And everything was okay as long as you only ordered ONE type of paper within your order. If you wanted to order say Endura and Black and White – that was fine – as long as it was TWO separate orders. And two separate shipping charges. That was a little miff-a-fying but now … finally … Mpix has figured it out and you can … finally … mix your papers within one order.

These are the little things I dream about. And sometimes dreams do come true.


  1. How did I not know about this blog? Huh?

    I like MPix, too. And I was so happy when I saw the new look/ordering screen. Like you, I was annoyed by the choice of only one type of paper.

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