Posted by: David Vernon | August 28, 2008

Peoria Camera Club Upcoming

The Tree Abstract 11The year long Speaker Schedule for the Peoria Camera club is posted here. While there are still a number of TBA speakers, the fall kicks off with Doug Leunig (HDR imaging) and Barb Hoffman (Urban Landscape Competition Kick Off) this next Tuesday, Sept. 2. Doug shot at Caterpillar for 30 years and is now pursuing his own photography with a purpose. Barb has specialized in urban landscapes, especially in Peoria, and will be organizing this little urban adventure. Meetings are usually held at Peoria’s Proctor Medical Bldg. #1 in the basement, but the PCC website is a little vague about that at the moment. I’ll update when I find out.


  1. David, thanks for the plug. My third presentation to the Peoria Camera Club came off without a hitch…almost. I swear that photo gremlins are real and delight in trying to make photographers look like they don’t know what they are doing. But I was ready this time. When the software wouldn’t work, I was ready with plan “B”. I believe that there was some interest in looking further into HDR. Hopefully there will be more examples showing up at the meetings. I enjoyed the opportunity to share what little I know.

  2. BTW- I just bought a Polaroid POGO or Zink printer. It is the size of a portable hard drive (3″x5″x1″) and prints 2″x3″ pictures. I am planning on using it as a travel aide for an upcoming trip to Argentina. I am going to use it to give people prints who let me photograph them. Let me know how I can post some on your site.

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