Posted by: David Vernon | August 28, 2008


Illinois Shakespeare 2008

I worked on my blogroll yesterday and I wanted to comment on why these particular links are here and why others are not. There were two clear criteria for being listed. The foremost one however was the link had to have a web presence. Obvious? Perhaps – but important nonetheless.

The second criteria – also equally important – is that I have to have some kind of personal connection to the other end of the link.

For the Local listings – I know each individual personally or I’ve used the services of these local business or arts groups.

For the Photography group – these are all blogs I read everyday. I’ve come to trust their content and their openness. I find them valuable so I suspect you might find them valuable – no matter what your style of photography is.

The Photographers group links to shooters who I mention within the blog or again who I know personally. I respect them all and can learn something just from looking at their images.

Finally, the shopping links are all businesses I’ve used outside the local area and who I’ve found completely reliable, efficient, and trustworthy. These are businesses I trust with my business and who have not let me down.

Finally – all the pictures that appear on this blog are taken within 100 miles of Peoria.

Now you know – those are the rules.

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