Posted by: David Vernon | August 27, 2008

Selectivity For The Win!

Unexpected Places - Closer to HomeNewsweek Magazine was pretty clever in how they chose to cover the Olympics from a photographic perspective. Their Director of Photography, Simon Barnett, chose three outstanding photographers and sent them there to do there thing – with no real interference or direction from the magazine. The only catch – they had to blog everything and include the shots they liked in their blog entries. But all the choices were left to the photographers – and Newsweek wasn’t really after the winning moment. Like the last entry here – they were rather more interested in making an emotional connection.

The three shooters: Vincent LaForet, Donald Miralle, and Mike Powell are all outstanding shooters and were great selections. Reading their blogs daily showed just how incredible an effort was put out to do their job – and how they were really on top of their game. Equally compelling were LaForet’s statistics for the two-week shoot, which he published today. Get this:

  • 6 cameras – often shooting 2-3 simultaneously with radio transmitters on mounted cameras
  • 28,444 images
  • 480 gigabytes (GBs) of data
  • 1,509 SELECTS (keeper shots – or about 5.3% of his work)
  • 273 transmitted (shown on the blog – or about 0.9% of his work)

Let that be a lesson. Most of the stuff you (and I) shoot is crap. The little bit that’s good – most of that is crap too. Edit, edit, edit. The 1% you show the world will be pretty good.

He mentioned that the ten staff shooters from Sports Illustrated took over 300,000 frames and they culled that down to the 135 best. Yeah – that’s roughly 1/30th of 1%. Selectivity FTW!

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